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Jeff Bowlsby CCS, CCCA

Exterior Wall and Stucco Consultant

Licensed California Architect


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 is a stucco wall cladding system information resource made available at no cost to serve anyone interested in stucco. It is the only known current stucco industry resource from an architects perspective. Intended for building owners, design and construction professionals, craftsmen, product manufacturers, and inspectors - to advance and proliferate the art, science, quality and performance of stucco, to educate, foster achievement of high-quality stucco and to avoid stucco failures. The essence of is to focus only on what is best for stucco without other distractions; admittedly it is only one perspective among many. Its bias is decidedly pro-stucco, and not exclusive towards the designer, installer, product manufacturer or inspection communities. Not every stucco subject can be presented on these webpages so the focus is on important stucco topics of interest to most and some are just to illustrate the beauty of stucco. Periodic updates will be included in the future so be sure to check this website from time to time.






As an architect, I bring 30 years of comprehensive experience in architecture and construction disciplines to new construction and renovation projects to My built work includes a spectrum of new construction and renovations from large corporate campuses, institutional buildings, urban high rise towers, historic buildings, to multi-family developments and single-family residences. Stucco is appropriate and can be considered a premium exterior wall cladding for any of these applications. Lessons learned from the forensics community inform all aspects of my practice. I am available for consultation through Simpson Gumpertz and Heger, from any of our nationwide offices. My team of architects and engineers, our in-house comprehensive laboratory and extensive stucco reference resource library archives are available for your next stucco or building enclosure-related assignment. Please contact me directly if I can assist you in any way.


My technical work regarding stucco has been published in ASTM, CSI and RCI publications, and presented at various national and local symposia and webinars. I hold or have held various industry and building code certifications such as Plans Examiner, Building Inspector, Construction Specifier, Construction Contract Administrator and others. I founded and lead the ASTM C11 Stucco Work Group that develops the Minimum Stucco Industry Standards such as ASTM C1063 and ASTM C926.


Serving Architects, Developers, Institutions, Contractors, Product Mfrs.:

                     Peer reviews of stucco cladding and exterior wall construction documents

                     Architect of Record for exterior wall assemblies including fenestration

                     Thermal and water vapor transmission analysis at exterior walls

                     Stucco installation monitoring during construction and submittal reviews

                     Stucco technical consultations and on-site observations (In person and Zoom/Facetime capable)

                     Laboratory testing of stucco, components and assemblies

                     Existing wall cladding condition assessments

                     Third party stucco product/assembly/evaluations of new or existing products

                     Stucco presentations at AIA-approved lunch talks, symposiums and workshops



Jeff Bowlsby CCS, CCCA

Exterior Wall and Stucco Consultant

Licensed California Architect


Contact Me


San Francisco, CA






Consultation with licensed and experienced stucco professionals is recommended for stucco-related endeavors. No liability is accepted for any reason or circumstance, specifically including personal or professional negligence, consequential damages or third-party claims, based on any legal theory, from the use, misuse or reliance upon information presented or in any way connected with




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