Jeff Bowlsby CCS, CCCA

Exterior Wall and Stucco Consultant

Licensed California Architect


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Stucco Presentations, Work Sessions and Roundtable Discussions





Jeff, Thanks again for taking the time to present to our Superintendents last week. The feedback we got back from the Superintendents was very positive. Several had commented that it was one of the better training sessions.  You remain my go-to for all things plaster.  Much appreciated.”  Thanks, R.G., McCarthy Building Contractors


I am available for stucco cladding system-focused presentations, work sessions and roundtable discussions:


·                 Stucco-related presentations and seminars to design professional, construction professional or trade organization groups on a variety of topics.  Typically for groups of 20 or more.  AIA credit available.


·                 Focused, technical stucco-related work sessions on general topics or specifically related to a project, such as for training architectural staff and general contractor superintendents.


·                 Informal stucco-related roundtable discussions on your choice of topic.


·                 At your location or any Simpson Gumpertz and Heger office nationwide.  San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Boston.


Please contact me to coordinate a stucco presentation such as from the following topics:


·                 Stucco Best Practices for Architects

Design, detailing, specification and construction administration considerations for stucco cladding systems – geared towards architectural practice that designs the stucco cladding in-house.


·                 Stucco Best Practices for General Contractors, Estimators and Superintendents

Construction documentation review and subcontracting considerations for stucco cladding systems.  Substrate requirements, sequencing, and specifics for jobsite quality control of the stucco cladding system installation and delivery process.  Geared towards the general contracting firm subcontracting for stucco.


·                 Stucco Cladding Inspection Practices for the Building Inspector

Building code and adopted reference standard requirements for stucco cladding systems.  Most critical jobsite inspection items checklist provided.


·                 Stucco and Windows and Doors…Oh my.  Stucco and Windows and Doors…Oh my.

Design, detailing and construction strategies for stucco cladding systems at windows, doors and penetrations.


·                 Stucco Finish Coat Material and Texture Choices

Stucco cladding system aesthetics, function, durability and choices for finish coat materials and textures – for architects and building owners.


·                 Stucco Movement Joint Assemblies, Subassemblies and Components

What a stucco movement joint is and is not, controversies, conflicts, dilemmas, history of development.  Building, shrinkage and thermal movements, performance testing. What have we learned and how do these help make stucco better?


·                 Stucco Drainage Assemblies, Subassemblies, Components and Testing

Stucco drainage requirements, pitfalls and solutions.  Drainage testing protocols.


·                 Stucco and Continuous Insulation

Building code, design and construction requirements regarding CI used with stucco and solutions for using CI with stucco.  NFPA 285 requirements and best practice approaches.


·                 Stucco Design and Construction Approaches to Minimize Cracking

A review of common stucco cracking patterns, building substrate, shrinkage and thermal movements, stucco movement joint function, design and construction approaches to minimize stucco cracking.


·                 Installed Stucco Cladding System Evaluation

A technical review of building code, Minimum Stucco Industry Standards, contract specification requirements, field and laboratory testing methods and other criteria for evaluating stucco cladding systems.


·                 STUCCO  GONE  WILD

Stucco is Cool but…Substrates are critical…Drainage is essential…Effective movement joints minimize cracking.  Is it time to EAT?  To Seal or Not to Seal”…that is the?  Stucco transitions to roofing and waterproofing, mockups and miscellaneous.



Consultation with licensed and experienced stucco professionals is recommended for stucco-related endeavors.  No liability is accepted for any reason or circumstance, specifically including personal or professional negligence, consequential damages or third party claims, based on any legal theory, from the use, misuse or reliance upon information presented or in any way connected with




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